Motors Drives and Gears plus Controls
IIoT convergence with Mechatronics Motion Control necessitates Connectivity - InterOperability SOLUTIONS
Motors, Drives and Gears plus Controls 

Cloud SCADA System 

IIoT Connectivity 
Linux Edge Controller Gateway 


Motors, Drives and Gears plus Controls


IIoT Connectivity 

ODVA compliant Ethernet IP 


Reali Technologies  is a Virtual ICT (Information & Communication Technology) network that opens a relible, redundant, safe, and secure event channel for real time remote control, monitoring, and crisis management.

The easy-to-install and user friendly philosophy of the RealiteQ system has been applied to advanced control so management and maintenance people can tackle large, interactive process problems. Users can now easily optimize their system for maximum throughput, maximum profit, and minimum energy. Maintenance people can easily reduce their system downtime to a minimum.

The iCex 4G LTE [dual sim] Modem has both Serial Ports and Ethernet [Tcp/IP, Modbus, Ethernet IP and ProfiNet, Plus SMS, as well as VNC] 

MD&G+Controls LLC
IIoT Convergence with Mechatronics Motion Control necessitates Interoperability SOLUTIONS 

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