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IIoT convergence with Mechatronics Motion Control necessitates Connectivity - InterOperability SOLUTIONS
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Mechatronics Motion Control  

Mechatronics is much more than a Philosophy, it is an Engineering Practice that when applied, will result in a Motion Control Technological System Design SOLUTION. 

Mechatronics as a Concept promotes Engineering interdisciplinary or cross disciplinary Integrated System Design of Equipment and Processes, across all Markets and Industry segments, as a Technology SOLUTION.

Mechatronics is a System approach of Designing Electro-Mech (Electrical, Electronic and Mechanical) or Electronic-al Systems, that merges these three and other Engineering Disciplines for a cohesive Integrated Technology SOLUTION
Mechatronics is typically associated with Robotics and Motion Control Systems {SERVOS and VFD's} for Parts Manufacturing and Packaging ect., but Mechatronics is also {PLC's, HMI's, PAC's and iPC's} for Process Control plus Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA). 
The Mechatronics Motion Control Technology SOLUTION System development must involve not only Electrical, Mechanical and Electronic elements, but also Process elements, which are Key to the overall System Design, Integration and implementation. 

Mechatronics will improve the System Design Process by Integrating the best available development Practices and Product Technologies to facilitate improved prototyping and deployment of Electro-Mech or Electronic-al System Technology SOLUTIONS. Product Design is no longer viewed from the standpoint of the individual Engineering Disciplines, but rather from a Mechatronics System perspective. 

Mechatronics results in a significantly shortened Engineering Design Process and considerably reduced R&D Prototype costs, while at the same time optimizing Product Functions, Features and Benefits. 

Mechatronics provides the opportunity to differentiate Motion Control Systems from the competition, by means of a Technological Design advantage, that results in Products with added value. 

Applied Mechatronics will help produce a higher Quality Motion Control and Technologically advanced System SOLUTION. 

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IIoT Convergence with Mechatronics Motion Control necessitates Interoperability SOLUTIONS

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Diagram describes the fields that make up Mechatronics 

Mechatronics is a multidisciplinary field of engineering that includes a combination of Systems Engineering Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, TeleCommunications Engineering, Control Engineering and Computer Engineering. As Technology advances, the sub fields of Engineering multiply and adapt. 
Mechatronics aim is a design process that unifies these sub fields. Originally, Mechatronics just included the combination of Mechanics and Electronics, hence the word is a combination of Mechanics and Electronics; however, as Automation Systems have become more and more complex the word has been broadened to include more Technical areas.