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IIoT convergence with Mechatronics Motion Control necessitates Connectivity - InterOperability SOLUTIONS
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Motion Control - AC VFD's and SERVO's 

Networking Communications Connectivity 

      1. MQTT 
      2. UAC, VNC and FTP 
      3. RS232 and RS485 
      4. USB
      5. CANopen 
      6. Modbus RTU Serial 
      7. Profibus Gateway Protocol Converter 
      8. Ethernet TCP/IP
      9. MODBUS TCP 
      10. EtherNet IP ODVA Tested 
      11. EtherCat 
      12. FB Protocol 
      13. ProfiNet via Protocol Converter 
      14. SAE J1939 Gateway Protocol Converter 
      15. BACnet Gateway Protocol Converter 
      16. 4G LTE Ethernet Router 
      17. IO-Link Ethernet Master 
      18. SERCOS II and SERCOS III 
      19. CC Link and CC-Link IE 
      20. DeviceNet - ODVA 

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