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IIoT convergence with Mechatronics Motion Control necessitates Connectivity - InterOperability SOLUTIONS
 Motors, Drives and Gears plus Controls

MQTT Message Queuing Telemetry Transport  

Enter into the World of IIoT 
and Industry 4.0 with MQTT  

RealiteQ iCex latest capability is your entry point to IIoT - Industry 4.0

RealiteQ is a leader in the 

features Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT) to meet  IIoT - Industry 4.0 requirements. 

MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport) is a lightweight and simple Connectivity Protocol, that runs over Ethernet TCP/IP, based on a Publish - Subscribe Communication structure. 

supports MQTT as a Client that can both Publish and Subscribe to Messages To: and From: a Broker. 

MQTT can: 

  • Publish Data to a defined Broker according to a configured Topic.  For example, the Topic may be Machine #1; the Messages can include Process Application Variables such as; Temperature, Pressure or Flow ect.      can then Publish Data periodically, according to a time period set in the configuration or periodically, corresponding to an event. 
  • Receive Data from a defined Broker on a defined Topic, to which    is Subscribed.  

Bridge the IT and OT Gap by utilizing    as a Interface to the Digital Automation Layers .  

In addition to MQTT    supports a wide range of Automation Network Communication channels and Protocols that provide the Connectivity required by both IT and OT including: FTP, SNMP, SQL. 

MQTT enables      to be accessed Remotely for OT via any Web Browser or by utilizing VNC and    can access the IT MES (Manufacturing Execution System) and the Date Base Server, as well as the Cloud. 

IT Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System, Ole for Process Control (OPC) and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) are also well with in the reach of 


The rich feature range of    includes:

  • Recipes 
  • multiple auto-tuned PID Loops 
  • Data Logging to SD Card  
  • Data Tables 
  • Data sampling displayed via built-in Trend Charts and Graphics 
  • HMI Gauges 
  • Alarms 
  • multi-level Passwords 
  • multi-Language support including Asian Languages 
  • Network Communications Connectivity with any device via: 
    1. UAC, VNC and FTP 
    2. RS232 and RS485 
    3. USB
    4. CANopen 
    5. Modbus RTU Serial 
    6. Profibus Gateway Protocol Converter 
    7. Ethernet TCP/IP
    8. MODBUS TCP 
    9. EtherNet IP 
    10. EtherCat 
    11. FB Protocol 
    12. ProfiNet via Protocol Converter 
    13. SAE J1939 Gateway Protocol Converter 
    14. BACnet Gateway Protocol Converter 
    15. 4G LTE Ethernet Router 
    16. IO-Link Ethernet Master 

SCADA Dashboard slashes SetUp time! 

The RealiteQ built-in Dashnoard Design and Re-Use Paradigm enables you to build SCADA Screens and create Web pages in multiple languages, and save it all in a Library for reuse in other Projects. 

Another benefit to the bottom line and ROI for the; End User, OEM and System Integrators, is a standard Policy of customer care with no hidden costs and no paywalls or tiers for RealiteQ Tech Support.  

All Software, Utilities, and Support, including membership in RealiteQ iCex Community Forum, are provided at no additional charge !  

The RealiteQ iCex IIoT Solution can Collect and Communicate Data, Display, Remotely Access and Control your Application

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 RealiteQ is a Virtual ICT (Information & Communication Technology) network that opens a relible, redundant, safe, and secure event channel for real time remote control, monitoring, and crisis management.

The easy-to-install and user friendly philosophy of the RealiteQ system has been applied to advanced control so management and maintenance people can tackle large, interactive process problems. Users can now easily optimize their system for maximum throughput, maximum profit, and minimum energy. Maintenance people can easily reduce their system downtime to a minimum.

The iCex 4G LTE [dual sim] Modem has both Serial Ports and Ethernet [Tcp/IP, Modbus, Ethernet IP and ProfiNet, Plus SMS, as well as VPN]