Motors Drives and Gears plus Controls
IIoT convergence with Mechatronics Motion Control necessitates Connectivity - InterOperability SOLUTIONS
Motors, Drives and Gears plus Controls LLC     23nd Year in Business 

The primary Area of Coverage is: Texas and Oklahoma, but for most Product Lines the Assigned Territory also includes Arkansas and Louisiana 

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Motors, Drives and Gears plus Controls LLC    20+ Year History 

The former Company name; Motors, Drives and Controls was reused in part, after a Merger and the Company was renamed by the four Partners as; Motors, Drives and Gears in late 2001 which included the following Product Lines:      Industrial Indexing Systems - including Toshiba SERVOS is one of the original Product Lines Represented by Motors, Drives and Gears      EE Controls is also one of the original Product Lines Represented by Motors, Drives and Gears 

Motors Drives and Gears
The Company became a Sole Proprietorship the end of 2006 and the plus Controls from the original Company name was added back in to the DBA and the following Product Lines were added later:       SAF Drives and Automation has been in the Motors Drives and Gears plus Controls portfolio since 2007       Unitronics was added as a Product Line at the beginning of 2009 

Motion Control - Partners  

The Alliance came into formal existence in April 2014 when the Web site Portal was first Published to provide greater Internet exposure for Motion Control Sales Partners of Motors Drives and Gears plus Controls 

MD&G+Controls TM 2019 
The Company became an LLC in April of 2018 
otors Drives and Gears plus Controls  LLC  
IIoT convergence with Mechatronics Solutions Interoperability 

Ray W Zimbal Jr. 

MD&G+Controls TM 2019 

IIoT Convergence with Mechatronics Motion Control necessitates Connectivity - Interoperability SOLUTIONS
Motors Drives and Gears plus Controls  LLC 

Dallas-FortWorth North Texas Area (817) 307-1274 
Houston - Texas Gulf Coast Area (713) 835-9753 (answered 24/7)

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Motors Drives and Gears plus Controls LLC  

MD&G+Controls TM 2019 would not exists today if it weren't for the generous Help that I received from many of my Business Associates and Former Representatives, as well as the Faith that several Sales Managers and Distributors extended to me in my "early Business Years".

  • Jim Beard (Retired- Tech Support Manager 
  • Mike Jenkins (RetiredCarotron [Former President and Founder]
  • Dan Smoud - Carotron [Former Engineering Manager and Partner]
  • John Murray (RetiredCarotron [Former Sales Manager and Partner] 
  • Bob Lordo - PowertTEC Industrial Motors / HBD Industries Engineering Manager 
  • Gail Russell - RTW Drives and Controls Founder Importer for Rhymebus [Authorized Drives Service for Carotron, US Drives and SAF
  • William (Eddie) Russell - RTW Drives and Controls [Authorized Drives Service for Carotron, US Drives and SAF Drives]
  • Gerald Smith (Retired[Former Rep for: Carotron, US Drives and Industrial Indexing Systems (IIS) ]
  • Jerry Horton - Industrial Indexing Systems (IIS) [Former Sales Manager]
  • Dick Torbenson - US Drives / Core Solar [Former Sales Manager] 
  • Dr. Jim Hilkert (Retired) - Alpha-Theta Technologies [Former Rep for Neugart] 
  • Brent Wagner - North Star Electric Service  (NSES) President [Authorized Drives Service Carotron, US Drives, SAF Drives and Industrial Indexing Systems (IIS)]
  • Bill Kegley - Specialized Electronics Authorized Drives Service Carotron, US Drives, Unitronics and SAF
  • Lace Kent - Control Source International (CSI) President [Former EE Controls Rep, now an EE Controls Distributor]
  • Bill Beutler (Deceased) President EE Controls [Founder]
  • Bruce Beutler - President EE Controls President
  • Jim Gray {Founder] - Jim D Gray & Assoc [Former EE Controls Distributor]
  • Tom Lambe - Jim D Gray & Assoc Partner [Former EE Controls Distributor]
  • Lary Cangelose - Conch President [Former EE Controls Distributor]
  • Ron Fisher (Retired- [sub Rep for OKlahoma]
  • Mark Gilbert - [sub Rep for Louisiana]
  • Tony Meglio - Controlmatics [System Integrator for SoftPLC, ESA Automation {Eason Technologies} and Unitronics] 
  • Cindy Hollenbeck - softPLC Sales Manager/General Manager  
  • Joe Roberts - DFW Automation President & Sales Manager [EE Controls Distributor]
  • John Rinaldi - Real Time Automation Founder and Author 
  • Al Wollschager - Engineered Gear Solutions President 
  • Juergen Seybold - Lutze General Manager/NA President
  • Raphael Brunner (RetiredSealCon  VP and Sales Manager/General Manager [Importer for Hummel
  • Daniel Spuhler - SealCon President and CEO [Importer for Hummel
  • Michael Hupf - Industrial Indexing Systems (IISSales Engineer Manager [Toshiba America SERVOS]
  • Robert Pringle (Retired)- Butler and Land Automation Specialists [EE Controls Distributor] 
  • John Cook (Deceased) Butler and Land VP / General Manager [EE Controls Distributor] 
  • Nataly Turgeman - Unitronics [Former VP USA] 
  • Holly Dillon - Unitronics [Sales Manager USA]
  • Daniel Lerner - Lerner Enterprises President [System Integrator]
  • Sergio Somaschinni - [Former USA Sales Manager for ESA Automation and Former Sales Manager for Progea now owned by Emerson
  • Mike Woods - Butler and Land former President / Dallas [EE Controls Distributor] 
  • Keith Walker - Advanced Industrial Automation (AID) VP  [Unitronics Distributor]
  • Whoever I overlooked belongs here, so my apologies in advance!

Ray W Zimbal Jr.

MD&G+Controls TM  

IIoT convergence with Mechatronics necessitates Interoperability SOLUTIONS

Motors Drives and Gears plus Controls LLC 

Dallas-FortWorth North Texas Area Cell (817) 307-1274

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