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Industrial Indexing Systems 
Designs and Manufactures Motion Control Components and Systems Specializing in SERVO Motion Control 

Our SERVO Motors, Drives, and Motion Controllers provide Automation System Solutions and are used in the most demanding applications, requiring high performance, high quality positioning accuracy, high reliability, and energy efficiency 

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IIS - Luminary

Luminary SERVO and Stepper Motor Motion Series 4 Axis Controller and Drive Amplifiers 

The Luminary 4 Coordinated Axis Motion Controller can be interfaced with either a Maple Systems HMI or any Unitronics "All In One PLC plus HMI", such as the V350 Color Touch Models. 

The Unitronics V350 is also available in Four different Models with Pulse Train Output (PTO) Function Blocks for Pulse and Direction of Steppers and Linear Actuators or Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) Function Blocks for single Axis SERVO's, can be utilized for independent Axis.